We are one of a group of soccer manufacturing companies serving Importers and Wholesalers throughout the world. The Founder established manufacturing in the year 1921 and was the first and only gold medallist for producing quality Soccer balls, Volley balls, Basket balls, and Rugby balls.

We were the first manufacturers to introduce Pigmented Leather for soccer balls in 1957 also the first to introduce use of cutting press for cutting of soccer panels in 1959.

In the beginning, soccer balls were made from cowhide. Gradually as the soccer ball leather became scarce, synthetic leather took its place.

COVER MATERIAL: The cover material is made of synthetic leather (PU or PVC), which is different from real leather, as it resists absorbing water like real leather. The synthetic leathers used in soccer balls are mainly PU (polyurethane) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Both materials have different grades of quality and PU is generally considered to be of higher quality than PVC.

LININGS: In soccer balls, multiple layers of fabric linings are pasted onto the cover material with pure latex. Soccer balls require 3-4 layers of lining to give the ball a stronger shape & Structure. The Usual layers of lining are cotton and polyester. For professional match balls, the lining should be 4 layers of polyester viscose. For practice games the lining should be 2 cotton and 2 polyester layers and for cheaper balls the lining is usually 3 cotton and one polyester.
We have introduced a special fabric lining which consists of 75% Polyester/Viscose and 25% cotton inter-woven. This pre-stretched lining pasted on to the cover material with pure latex makes the ball withstand the toughest games.
We have certificates for 3000 kicks tests on our soccer balls with increase in circumference within the regulation size but without any distortion to the shape.

STAMPING: All our soccer balls are screen-printed. We can provide multi-colour printing in any design required.

STITCHING: The thread used for stitching our soccer balls is polyester, which provides tighter and more durable seams while greatly increasing shape retention for a longer time.
Our product range offers Professional match balls, Club practice balls and down to children's kick-about balls with price range that suites every pocket.
As we are soccer manufacturers and exporters, we do not supply to the retail trade. We are quite happy to supply small importers as well as large wholesalers so we invite you to try our quality. We will be pleased to send you samples for your approval.